Friday, October 9, 2009

Alam asked to behave himself

Pakistan all-rounder Fawad Alam has been told to improve upon his behaviour if he wants to continue playing for national team.
Alam has been fined twice in recent times for his misconduct.

The stark warning came from outgoing Pakistan manager Yawar Saeed, who said that Alam was a very talented player but needed to work on his attitude as a professional.

"Fawad has twice been fined recently - while on tour to Sri Lanka and South Africa for the Champions Trophy by the team management. The fines were imposed on him for missing official duties and not being attentive enough," Saeed said.

He, however, did not elaborate on the exact nature of the indiscretions by Alam, who has played two Tests and 12 one-dayers for the country and also a regular in the Twenty20 squad.

"Fawad definitely needs to work on his behaviour and attitude because this is affecting his growth as a cricketer," Saeed said.

Saeed who has stepped down as manager after the Champions Trophy, said that the purpose of imposing fines on players was to make them realise the importance of discipline and responsibility of wearing the Pakistan jersey.

"In my experience of managing Pakistan teams there have been incidents of players getting out of line but generally our players are well behaved and know the weight they carry being Pakistani players," Saeed said.

"It is also important for a manager to know when to allow the boys to have some time for themselves and to give them a relief from their normal routine and duties," he added.

Sources in the team have confirmed that he was also fined a hefty sum for another indiscretion during the Champions Trophy training camp.

Saeed is expected to be given the job of Director (Human Resources) in the Pakistan Cricket Board - a post that was occupied by former captain Wasim Bari who is now the Chief Operating Officer.

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