Monday, October 26, 2009

"Cricket should embrace technology"

Sachin Tendulkar claims more technology should be used to improve the accuracy of umpiring.

Over the last year, the International Cricket Council have trialled the umpire decision review system.

The ICC believe the process, which allows players to request the television umpire to review a decision made by an on-field umpires, has had a positive impact on the game.

In May this year, the ICC decided to use the system more frequently, but opinion is still divided over the use of technology.

Indian batting legend Tendulkar, 36, believes the referral system needs to be perfected before it is applied.

"I'm not particularly happy with the referrals because I'm not convinced of the angles (on television)," Tendulkar told a news magazine.

"I was not happy when we first went through it."

The review system was first used during India's Test series away in Sri Lanka last year.

Tendulkar suggests on-field umpires should only be called on to decide on lbw decisions, while technology such as the Hot Spot, which presents an X-ray vision indicating the point of contact, should be used for other decisions.

He said: "We are already using technology for doubtful catches. They should use the Hot Spot for bat-pad decisions so the on-field umpire has to only make leg-before calls.

"I'm quite happy with Hot Spot because it establishes quite clearly if contact (was made).

"Hot Spot will come in handy for caught-behind decisions as well."

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