Friday, October 23, 2009

"Feel awkward to sledge Indians"

A series between India and Australia in the last few years have given way to some anxious heated moments.

However, the seven-match ODI series, which is commencing from October 25 in Vadodara, may witness this time a lesser number of sledging incidents on Australia's part.

"It is easier to get under the skin of a person if you don't know him personally. But thanks to the Indian Premier League, we know many of the (Indian) players and hence it becomes awkward sometimes," says all-rounder James Hopes.

"Things can get a bit heated when you are on the field but the difference from the earlier times is that it will be restricted on the field. Once the match is over we clarify all the issues off the field," he adds.

Meanwhile, wicketkeeper Tim Paine also replied in the negative when asked about on-ground sledging.

"I have done it a few times in the domestic matches but yet to open my mouth in the international matches. If I have to say anything, I would rather say it to the bowler and the skipper," Paine said.

Australia speedstar Mitchell Johnson, who has already talked about giving chin music to the Indian batsmen, recalls an incident when he tried to sledge Rahul Dravid during last year's Delhi Test.

"I hoped to put Rahul Dravid off his game and really sledged him. He was batting on 50-plus. But he hardly reacts.

I realised soon that I was wasting my breath," he said.

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