Sunday, October 18, 2009

Katich: We need to improve

New South Wales Blues captain Simon Katich says there are still areas to improve upon for the team ahead of their semi-final clash.

"Obviously we are happy. Two games we played in Delhi are outstanding with the ball, in the field and our bowling. We wanted to replicate here in Hyderabad. So there are still areas to improve on," Katich told reporters after the winning against the Somerset Sabres.

He said the semifinal would be a big challenge as all the teams are formidable.

"It is a big challenge because we know that every team that qualified is going to be of great standard. Each game that comes is going to be a big challenge," Katich said.

Katich expressed confidence that his team would put up a good show in Delhi as they were used to playing on a slow wicket in Sydney.

He said losing their earlier League A match against Trinidad and Tobago on October 16 was a wake up call.

"We actually learnt a lot from that match. Sometimes, not the worst things happen to lose a match. We are playing good cricket but it was a wake up call for us. Anything can happen on a given day in Twenty 20 cricket. It was a pretty good thing for us," he said.

Somerset captain Justin Langer admitted that his side did not play well against a world-class team like NSW.

"I think this is probably my last game. Obviously some sadness there. We tried to get on to a flying start. They have got such world-class players like Brett Lee, Stuart Clark.

They played really well. We did not play well at that," he said.

Describing Champions League Twenty 20 as a fantastic tournament, Langer said it can sustain whether it is played in South Africa, Australia or India.

"IPL was successful in South Africa. CL T20 will be successful whether it is in South Africa or Australia or India. There are lots of Indians who will watch cricket," said Langer when asked whether the Airtel CL T20 will be successful outside India.

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