Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lensmen fight with Virat Kohli

NAGPUR: It turned out to be a wicked Wednesday for Virat Kohli. The Delhi middle-order batsman not only had to sit out of the second ODI after doing reasonably well in the first match at Vadodara but he also got involved in a fight with photographers at Jamtha just before the match started.

After the toss, Kohli, Munaf Patel and Praveen Kumar were enjoying their own little game of cricket along with some local boys near the pavilion. When Kohli was knocking, one of his shots went through the hands of a fielder and almost hit the camera of one of the photographers who were sitting with their equipment behind the advertisement hoardings.

As soon as the ball went past the lensmen, a concerned photographer shouted and asked Kohli to practice at some other place. When Kohli refused to pay attention, all the photographers started abusing both Kohli and Praveen Kumar, who was asking the mediamen to calm down.

Stunned by the abuse, Kohli and Praveen too started using foul language at the lensmen. The situation became tense at one point when Kohli came within the handshaking distance of the lensmen as exchange of abuses continued.

Just when the situation looked to be getting out of control, Praveen and some Vidarbha Cricket Association officials, including vice-president Rajeev Gokhale, rushed to Kohli and helped in cooling down the tempers.

The incident certainly made the Delhi youngster furious as he thought he was doing nothing wrong in knocking the ball around with the local boys. On the other hand, the lensmen insisted that the cricketer had no business knocking near their expensive equipment.

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