Friday, October 16, 2009

"No replacement for Trescothick"

Somerset cricket director Brian Rose, who believes Marcus Trescothick can be a good captain.

Q: Why did Marcus Trescothick leave?

Ans: Well, it is really disappointing and unfortunate for the team. We all know he has had some real problems, which have been well reported over the last two or three years.

Marcus had been telling me that he wasn't as fit as he should have been in an intense tournament like the Airtel CL T20.

All the teams here needed players who were at the peak of their mental and physical abilities and Marcus was honest when he said that he could not give the team his all.

I think that was very fair and quite strong of Marcus.

Q: Will you be going for any replacement - supposing you reach semis and the final?

Ans: No. We won't be going for any replacement. We have got enough batting strength at the moment. We have one in the 18-year-old Jason Butler. He is also in the under-19 Wolrd Cup team, which is already in Bangladesh.

He will be joining them soon. The reason we have asked him to stay with us is he can gain some experience. But we may not be pushing him straight in front of the huge crowds here.

Q: Having had a fantastic domestic season Trescothick came to India with big hopes and the crowds here wanted to see him - so his departure must have personally disappointed you too?

Ans: Of course it is a huge disappointment for everyone. But the cricket public in England has seen what pressure can do to international sportsmen.

We have several examples of that, Marcus is one.

However, I don't think his professional career is over for Somerset. I reckon he still has good four or five years of cricket left.

In fact I expect him to take over as Somerset captain next year. You will continue to see some great performances from him.

As of now Marcus playing abroad looks doubtful but he will be playing domestic cricket.

Q: Can he be expected to play soon in any competition?

Ans: We will be off for three to four weeks when we go back from the Airtel CL T20.

We start our winter programme in the middle of November. I am sure Marcus will be eager to join us then.

Q: What happens when current skipper Justin Langer leaves?

Ans: Well that is fine. Things move on. We can move on as a club. Yes, he has done a fantastic job; there is no doubt about that. His and the coach Adny Hury's training and coaching methods are different and just brilliant. But we are hoping to go keep going up. The grass is going to grow further.

I think Murali Karthik is doing a great job with our young spinners and I think Treschothik can be a great captain.

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