Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rohit second only to Tendulkar:Scott Styris

Q: Today’s will be a deciding match for the Deccan Chargers - how is the confidence in the team?

Ans: Well, pretty good. It was really disappointing losing the opener after we got complete control of the match. We had almost won. But we did put in a good performance. And with Trinidad scoring a nice win against Somerset gave us more confidence.

Q: Rohit Sharma, who is trying to stage a comeback into the Indian team seemed to be trying for a good knock - I mean not freeing his arms - so did that put pressure on you.

Ans: No not all. In my view he is the best batsman in India after Sachin Tendulkar. He is a phenomenal talent that is why he is going to be there any time. We don't look at them out of form or under pressure. In the last two IPLs we have seen what he is.

Q: You bowled well in the last over - but again those last two delivers cost you the match?

Ans: Yes, it was pretty disappointing. At the start of the over I didn't think I had any chance and then was half way through, probably in the box seat. The last two deliveries, I was trying to bowl some yorkers and unfortunately gave one full toss and that was it.

Q: Even when Deccan Chargers were batting- it appeared that you were well in control half way through looked set for a big score- but Rohit and you did not seem to be taking any extra risks for the acceleration - why?

Ans: That is true. But we were under instructions from the coach to get through to the 15th over. So we did not take any extra risk in the beginning. Our plan was to score 50 to 60 runs in the last five overs. Unfortunately, Rohit got out when he was going well and I got out the same way.

Things did not go the way we planned in the end. But that was certainly our strategy. Yes there was bit of rustiness in the players as well.

Q: Had Somerset won, that would have been enough for the Charges - but now a win and net rate is vital?

Ans: Yes I think Trinidad winning against Somerset is a big boost for us. We are not much worried about the net run rate now. Hope a close win can take us into super-8 and we can take Trinidad with us as well. But they are a good team. They are working well as a unit. The West Indies sides can beat big teams. I suppose T-20 is like that.

Q: We heard another pitch will be used today according to curator Chandrashekar - how crucial will the toss be and can we expect any changes?

Ans: It won't change much. The conditions in Hyderabad are pretty conducive for batting as we saw in the first two matches played in Hyderabad.

At other places, we saw the ball coming slowly and not good for batting. But here we can enjoy good batting conditions. We saw the pitch stayed well through out. Batting first or second hardly matters here. As far the changes are concerned, I am sure it will be tough for captains and coaches. Every team has some weakness I suppose. Today we know we ought to win and that can happen only when we play to our full potential. It is a big match for us. We ought to win otherwise we know we are out.

Q: The Chargers have never won in Hyderabad. That must be a big worry.

Ans: Yes we know that. The crowds always want the home teams to win. That has unfortunately not happened with us. I am sure it will happen today. The guys are pretty serious. We do hope for a change of luck today.

Q: Now, you are 30 plus and how do you look at the future?

Ans: I know that. But I am left with some good cricket still. Maybe one or two good years. New Zealand is going to play in Dubai against Pakistan after this. I hope to be there and play. I have got plenty left to offer.

Q: You flew as a replacement to South Africa but did not get chance in the ICC Champions Trophy final - how was it?

Ans: Yes it was disappointing. But the guys I thought had played good cricket out there and they all deserved their places. It was more disappointing to miss some practice matches in Hyderabad and some good training sessions.

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