Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Curious About Highest ODI Score In Cricket? Here It Is

Highest ODI Score in Cricket world belongs to Sri Lankan cricket team they have scored a mammoth 443 for 9 wickets in 50 over’s while playing against Netherlands back in 2006 on Amstelveen ground. However India’s 414 for 7 is Indian teams highest score ever placed by Indian players on the scoreboard while playing against any team of the world.

Unfortunately it is Sri Lanka who took the aggressive blow of India’s fine batting line up.
The second highest ODI Score in Cricket history belongs to South Africa. I believe every cricket
Lover remembers the day when Australia thrashed the ball all over the ground while playing against South Africa on African soil “Johannesburg” back in 2005-2006, but South Africa replied in style when Gibbs scores a massive 167. South African replied Australia with 438 runs with only 1 wicket in hand but they had completed the given talk in 49.5 over making it the highest runs ever chased by any cricket team, hence cricket history books covered the event and named it the second highest score ever put on the score board, whereas the highest ever run chase.

The third number on the victory stand belong to Aussies team with 434 while playing against South Africa with the loss of just 4 wickets in the complete quota of 50 over’s.

Once again the fourth position for making the Highest ODI Score in Cricket belongs to South Africa when they made 418 runs against Zimbabwe back in 2006 on Potchefstroom ground.

Today Indian team secures the fifth position for making the Highest ODI Score in Rajkot while playing against one of the top seed teams of the world “Sri Lanka”.

We still have to discover rather Indian team keeps their fifth position or is it going to be Sri Lanka to won the 5th position leaving Indian team one step behind. If Sri Lanka chases the score successfully Sri Lankan team will stand proudly on the second position, in the ratings after South Africa, whereas 5th position will be Sri Lankans too.

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