Monday, December 7, 2009

Dickie Bird against using DRS

Former umpire Dickie Bird said the Decision Referral System will belittle the authority of the on-field match officials.

Bird also said that International Cricket Council (ICC) has committed a serious mistake by introducing it.

The DRS is currently being used in the Test series between Australia and West Indies, and New Zealand and Pakistan.

"I would never have brought them in. They (the ICC) are taking the authority away from the on-field umpires and the whole thing is causing more problems than it's worth," Bird said.
"In the old days, controversial decisions became talking points in the bars and clubs but everybody respected the umpire's authority," Bird, renowned umpire who retired in 1996, was quoted as saying in the 'Daily Telegraph'.

West Indies captain Chris Gayle has openly criticised the referral system while Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara and off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan had said the DRS should have been applied in the Test series against India.

Bird said that cricket does not need a review system.
"I am in agreement with Roger Federer, who wanted Hawk-Eye thrown out of Wimbledon, and (FIFA President) Sepp Blatter, who says that refereeing decisions are part of football.

"Players should accept these things and move on, but all the money that has come into sport has turned their heads," said Bird.

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