Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paul Nixon one of many still awaiting payment from Indian Cricket League

The former England wicketkeeper Paul Nixon confirmed on Tuesday night that he is one of several international players who are still awaiting payment from the Indian Cricket League, more than a year after its last tournament was staged.

The ICL has returned to the spotlight in recent days, after its lawyers put in motion a “restraint of trade” suit against the cricket establishment.
But the ICL’s owners can now expect to be fighting two legal cases at once, after the Federation of International Cricketers Association announced that it would be taking action of its own against the ICL for non-payment of “millions of dollars” owed to players, officials and support staff.

Nixon is just one of a number of English players and coaches, also including Graeme Hick and John Emburey, who are out of pocket. One leading agent said that his players had been on an average annual salary of $250,000 (£150,000), paid in four tranches, of which the final quarter did not arrive.

"The players are sick and tired of the broken commitments from ICL and the evasiveness of various ICL officials,” said FICA’s chief executive Tim May in a statement. “Now, after exhausting all reasonable efforts to settle the issue amicably, they believe they have no other option than to contemplate legal action against ICL for the recovery of these payments.”
While Nixon said he was disappointed by the ICL’s financial shortfall, he clearly retains some loyalty to a tournament he described as “excellent to play in”.

“I feel that the ICL has a rightful place in world cricket, and has not been treated fairly,” he said. “In an ideal world, the organisers would win their suit and then be able to fulfil their contracts with us.”

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