Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ponting warning to transgressors

Ricky Ponting has demanded a greater level of discipline from his team in the future after three team members were reported for their conduct.

Tempers flared on day two when West Indies bowler Sulieman Benn bumped into Mitchell Johnson mid-pitch, and then Johnson's batting partner Brad Haddin got heavily involved as plenty of words, pushing and pointing was exchanged.

In the end, Benn was suspended for two one-day internationals after pleading not guilty, and Haddin and Johnson were fined 25 and 10 per cent of their match payments respectively.

Drama again filled the WACA on day four when Shane Watson celebrated his dismissal of West Indies captain Chris Gayle in an over-the-top manner to also find himself fined for his actions.
Ponting has been working hard with his playing group to ensure their behaviour on-field has been at a high standard, and was disappointed with the actions of the Aussie trio.

He said: "I'm not proud of the fact and I'm sure the players aren't either that we've had three guys reported in the one game. Reports have been something that we've been really strict on the last couple of years amongst the player group and we've got a good record the last couple of years.

"Those guys are a bit embarrassed probably and know that they have overstepped the mark, and as captain I do have to take some responsibility. When things happen in the spur of the moment it's not as if I can stop or interject as it's happening either, particularly with the one with Haddin and Johnson, and I'm in the change rooms."

"All you can do is talk to them about it after, let them know it's not acceptable and hope that they learn from their mistakes. The three are all relatively young in international cricket and if they didn't know before, they now know the mark that they've overstepped."

The players have been spoken to by Ponting and coach Tim Nielsen, and the matter will be again brought up to the entire group before the Boxing Day Test with Pakistan.

"Those guys have been spoken about already and we need to talk to the guys as a group at the end of this game," he said.

"There has been enough talk already for the guys to be clear on what is acceptable and it's something that needs to be revisited quite regularly, but at the same time a lot of it is unavoidable. We all have responsibilities and one of mine as captain is to make sure guys don't overstep the mark."

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