Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bhajji denies hitting cameraman

Harbhajan Singh played down the incident at the Bangalore International Airport, saying he did not hit any cameraman.

Harbhajan, who very often finds himself in the news for all the wrong reasons, jabbed at a cameraman yesterday after his camera had hit him on the head while he was taking his luggage out from a car before entering the airport.

The feisty off-spinner wrote in his personal blog that he had just pushed the object which hit his head and turban hard without knowing that it was a camera.

"I am facing the car, I have no clue what is behind me.

The camera man is seen running towards me and the intensity and pace with which his camera clearly hits my head and it was not like just a touch, it hit me hard on my head and patka," Harbhajan wrote in his bigadda blog.
"It was just a push, not a slap"

"I am very particular of being touched and hit at my head or my patka. As a prompt reflex, not even knowing what hit my head I pushed the object, realising it after I pushed it that it was a camera. At no stage did I hit or slap the cameraman.

Neither will I ever do it," he added.

The senior Team India member felt that the cameraman had breached the security cover provided to him at the airport.

"I get down from the car, and wait to get my luggage, behind me is an armed CISF guard and officials to keep a security cover from media men and public.

"There was a clear security cover around me. The camera man breached that cover. The CISF guard and official is seen asking the camera guy to step back as they saw him being at fault of hitting my head with his camera and crossing the security cover," Harbhajan said.

The off-spinner also criticised the media for "rushing" things in such incidents.
"Our friends from the media are at most times in a rush and hush for stories, deadlines and footages, especially our cameraman friends. Its often seen, the edges of their camera hitting various people at varied times, be it airport, press meets almost all the places. Am sure, a number of people would testify this," he said.
"I respect the media"
On a conciliatory note, Harbhajan said, "Most media men would second this, my relationship, behaviour and cooperation with each of them has always been one of friendly nature and with cordial respect.

"I respect the media and the unflinching determination with which they have always brought news to the country, and connected to our fans. Right now, for me its much more important to contribute and take India to the number one ODI ranking than anything else.

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