Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stock option on cards for Chargers

A stock bonanza awaits Adam Gilchrist and his Deccan Chargers teammates.
The former Australian wicketkeeper fashioned a great turnaround in the IPL franchise team's fortunes to win the title in the second edition of the Twenty20 League held in South Africa in April-May.

"As and when we go public we will set aside a portion of the stock for the players," Deccan Chargers chairman V Shankar said.

He said Deccan Chargers were waiting for the valuation of the two new teams, to be included in the IPL from 2011, before going public.

"Two new teams are to be added after IPL 3 (to be held from March 12 to April 25). We will wait for the prices they fetch (in the auction) and then go public to get the best valuation for Deccan Chargers," he explained.

Shankar had promised the players in the run-up to the tournament that they would work out a stock option scheme provided they climb the top-most rung of the ladder from the cellar position they occupied in 2008, the first year of the League.

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