Friday, September 4, 2009

Tendulkar's formula to revive ODIs

Sachin Tendulkar came up with a new proposal save the 50-over format from the T20 wave.

He suggested that one-day matches be split into four innings of 25-overs-a-side.
"I am for 50-over cricket. I think we should have 25 overs a side to start with. I thought of this during the 2002 Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka," the champion batsman said.

"In the finals, we ended up playing 110 overs against Sri Lanka. First they played 50 overs and we played 10 overs before the rain interruption. The next day, Sri Lanka again played 50 overs and we played 10 overs and in the end we were declared joint winners. I thought, 110 overs and still no result," he recalled.

"That is when I thought, we should have 25 overs first for one side and then the other. And then once again 25 overs for one side and then the other," he told a news channel.

Tendulkar said such a split would negate the luck factor and tosses would become less crucial.

"Today, we can tell the result of close to 75 per cent of matches after the toss. We know how the conditions will affect the two teams. But it (the idea suggested by him) is not too dependent on the toss because for example it's a day-night match then both the teams will have to bat under lights," he said.

"The conditions change very dramatically but this would ensure that it's same for everyone. That's what I think, if they (administrators) take it, it would be great," Tendulkar said.

On the season ahead, Tendulkar said the team was well-prepared.
"We all have worked hard and we have got things planned. It's a process. We will go step by step before we get to where we want to," he said.

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