Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yuvi: 50-over cricket here to stay

Yuvraj Singh does not foresee the demise of 50-over cricket though he feels that Twenty20 has overshadowed other formats.

"There is no doubt that Twenty20 has taken over a lot of cricket but 50 overs is here to stay," Yuvraj said.

"We got 50 overs World Cup which is a big thing," he told reporters on the sidelines of the launch of Mangalore United team in the Karnataka Premier League.

Tendulkar had come up with a new proposal to save the 50-over format from the Twenty20 wave, suggesting that One-day matches be split into four innings of 25-over-a-side.

"I am for 50-over cricket. I think we should have 25 overs a side to start with. We should have 25 overs first for one side and then the other," Tendulkar had said.
Yuvraj said all the three formats of the game -- Test, ODI (50-overs) and Twenty20 -- have their own charm.

"Test cricket is also important but I think Twenty20 is very entertaining, that's why we all love it," he said.

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