Thursday, October 15, 2009

I was optimistic of being selected:Sudip Tyagi

Q:Sudip congratulations - did you expect this?

Ans: I was optimistic of being selected. I have really worked hard on my fitness after I was out of cricket for a while because of stress facture. I reckon, I have got the opportunity at the right time in my career and I shall try my best to make a name for myself. It is a great privilege to play for the country and a dream come true for me.

Q: How frustrating was it to be out of cricket for a while after your dream debut against Orissa in 2008?

Ans: Yes I did have a dream first class debut. I bowled my heart out. It was really a bit frustrating to be out of the game because of stress fracture. No youngster likes that. But it is a part of life. I never lost my hope - worked pretty hard and used the opportunities that came my way. I have always been positive in life so far. And my hard work got me this big chance to play for my country.

Q: What happens with many youngsters is that they get carried away - so how confident you are of your success?

Ans: It does happen sometimes. But I have always loved the challenges at all levels. I am growing in confidence with each opportunity I get. Playing in the Irani Trophy and Challenger Series was a big chance for me to showcase my talent.

Q:How was the experience of playing in Australia recently?

Ans: It was indeed a good learning experience for me. I really enjoyed bowling there. I was the highest wicket-taker and that was a big encouragement for me.

Q:Who is your role model?

Ans: It has been Brett Lee since my childhood.

Q: Why?

Ans: Well I love bowling fast like him. It is always a treat to watch him.

Q: Your Ranji debut match performance against Orissa is still discussed.

Ans: No one forgets. It was a fine debut for me. I can't forget Suresh Raina scoring a double hundred in that match. I still relish those sweet moments.

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