Friday, October 30, 2009

‘Not easy to make Playing XI’

In the absence of Brett Lee, Ben Hilfenhaus shared the new ball in the Nagpur ODI. He could be doing the same at Kotla on Saturday.

He spoke to Joshua Nath. Excerpts:
Joshua Nath: Ben, the last time you came to India in 2007, you played only a T20 match. How difficult it is to make the playing XI in the presence of Brett Lee, Peter Siddle and Mitchell Johnson?
Ben Hilfenhaus: To be honest, it won't be easy and I am well aware of that. This team that won the Champions Trophy is bowling really well as a unit and it is going to be hard to break through easily. May be the only way to get an opportunity is if the team rests someone or someone gets injured.
JN: Which is your favourite brand of cricket, Tests, ODIs or T20s?
BH: I do not mind all of them to be honest. They all have there own different challenges. T20 is more of hit-and-miss. Tests are a game of patience. It is a great test of your skills. I enjoy all three forms of cricket.
JN: How easy or difficult was the transition for you from the Under-19 Tasmanian team to the main team? How difficult was it to make the national team?
BH: In a way yes, it was quite hard. It was a big step up for a youngster like me to upgrade from under-19 to the Tasmania side. But when you come from the best domestic cricket structure in the world, the qualification to the national side was relatively easier.
JN: Is it good to have a fellow-Tasmanian as a captain?
BH: Well, any Tasmanian in the team is good to have around! We have young Tim Paine as well from Tasmania. So, it's good for Tasmanian cricket as well.
JN: Who was your childhood hero?
BH: It has to be Glenn McGrath.
JN: Any particular player you loved watching?
BH: Well I was more of a player than a watcher, I'd rather be out there playing than watching cricket. But David Boon running around was always fun to watch.

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