Saturday, December 19, 2009

Broad: I've done nothing wrong

England's Stuart Broad has played down his clash with officials in the first Test against South Africa yesterday.

Broad questioned the umpires after South Africa made a delayed referral which resulted in him being given out lbw, more than half a minute after initially being ruled not out by umpire Aleem Dar.

The all-rounder confirmed England made their concerns known to match referee Roshan Mahanama but insists he was not accusing South Africa of cheating.

Broad told the Daily Mail: "I did not see any signal from the South Africa management and as far as I'm aware nobody else in our dressing room did.

"I was merely saying to the umpires that the amount of time the whole process took was wrong and would provide an opportunity for the system to be manipulated. There was no suggestion that I was querying the decision. Replays showed that I was absolutely dead in front. It was just the time it took to get there."

As for his meeting with Mahanama alongside coach Andy Flower, Broad added: "It was completely calm and civilized and the referee was very understanding.

"He said the whole process was trial and error and that hopefully any teething problems would be sorted out.

"There was no suggestion from the referee that I am facing any disciplinary action and I don't see any reason why there should be. I wasn't rude and I haven't done anything wrong."

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