Saturday, December 19, 2009

Watson charged for aggressive send-off

Shane Watson has been charged and sent for a meeting with the match referee Chris Broad after his over-the-top celebration after dismissing Chris Gayle. Watson has been cited under Article 2.1.8 of the ICC Code of Conduct, meaning he could be fined up to 50% of his match fee if found guilty.

When Watson's caught-behind appeal was granted, he ran close to Gayle and while facing the batsman celebrated with excessive cheering and roaring. The umpires had a chat to Watson straight afterwards and he was also spoken to by his captain Ricky Ponting, who was keen to avoid any further incidents after the Sulieman Benn-Brad Haddin-Mitchell Johnson fracas.

Benn was suspended for two one-day internationals for his part in the verbal and physical clash earlier in the match, while Johnson and Haddin were both fined. Australia's coach Tim Nielsen said he had warned Watson after the Gayle dismissal that he should tone down his behaviour.

"I spoke to him quickly at lunch-time and I said I think he needs to be careful about the way he reacts or celebrates his dismissals," Nielsen said. "I think that's probably been one of the things about this Test match also, there's been ... quite a bit of [needle] between the playing groups out there. That's something we're conscious of and something that I'm certainly talking to the playing group about.

"We're trying to maintain a pretty even keel as often as we can but at the same time, when things get emotional and it's hot and you're tired and there is a game on the line, you can understand that some of those reactions are maybe over the top sometimes. It's something that we've spoken about and I'll have another chat to Watto about it tonight."

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